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8 team 9 cat roto league


got offered Tobias Harris, Deandre Jordan and Kyle Kuzma for my Rudy Gobert, John Collins and Elfrid Payton. Thoughts?


My team:

Harden, Payton

Oladipo, Beal, G.Harris

J-Rich, TJ Warren, Barton

J.Collins,  Carter Jr, Jackson Jr

Gobert, Ayton

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11 hours ago, kmoore1521 said:

nooooooooooo 8 team ALWAYS get the best player in ANY trade, too shallow




This.  I've been keeping a close eye on DJ and if he can keep up his FT%, he may have value similiar to Gobert.  That being said, I wouldn't gamble on that.  Gobert has shown he can do this. 

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