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Bledsoe/ Allen vs Teague/ Capella? WHIR!!!

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I would rather have the Teague and Capela combo. 

Bled is playing pretty good right now if you take away his scoring stats, but the new system in Milwaukee is affecting him weirdly, he is due for a breakout soon...but I think his ceiling is ultimately capped by Giannis' and Middleton's improvement this season. I have Bled in my roster right now actually lol

Jarrett is prone to duds compared to Capela. Plus the Rox' playoff schedule is better iirc.

Teague has no competition right now aside from Rose. We all know what he's capable of based on last year's performance. Plus he can dish it out to more reliable players in Cov and Saric. Bled may be better in stocks but I'm pretty sure that Thibs will run Teague to the ground again, thus boosting his value.

The compelling factor I think in this case is that Capela is way better and stable than Jarrett at this point. Plus the Rox right now are on a mission.

Not sure if you remember my team from before, but I made a couple of trades and this is what it looks like right now.


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