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Offered Kyrie and Hayward for my Jrue Holiday, JJJ, and Siakim


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What do you guys think? I'm deep at PF with Siakim, JJJ, John Collins, Bagley, and Markannen. I think its an overpay on my part. But I don't think I'm going to compete for the title in my league this year and I'm trying to collect high level players since this is a 3 player keeper league. My roster is as such: 


PG- D. Fox 

SG- Jrue Holiday 

SF- (streaming spot, right now I have Juancho Herenangomez and I picked up Levert when the original owner dropped him after injury)

PF- Siakim 

C- Jokic

UTL- Marc Gasol


UTL- B. Beal 



M. Bagley 

John Collins 

C. Levert


IR: L. Markannen 




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I am not too knowledgeable on Keeper leagues, but JJJ is going to be a stud. Kyrie is great, and is still young, but Hayward has shown no signs (so far) of being the player he use to be. With Marc Gasol aging (yet playing like an All Star) getting rid of JJJ put's a bad taste in my mouth. If your not competing for the title this year play it slow. People get more desperate closer to playoff time and may make trades they wouldn't normally make. But again, JJJ is going to be a monster for Fantasy once he gets those fouls in check. 

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