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#1 WW: Gus or Adams?


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I am having the same dilemma. I think the common assumption is that Adams is a safer bet to be the lead back in Philly for a solid fantasy floor ROS, but that backfield will forever be a crowded committee, and the Eagles' running game is relatively limiting in itself, so he likely will never be anything more than a FLEX or low end RB2 in a best case scenario. Adams is also the more talented of the two guys in a vacuum, and he will be catching some passes unlike Edwards. If Edwards takes over the role from Collins, he could see a larger share of the total carries, and the offense will be running with more volume (especially with Jackson if he gets a role with any regularity), so he has a higher ceiling because of the sheer opportunity. It is also plausible that this last game wasn't revealing of the future of the Ravens' backfield, in which case Edwards could be next to useless in an equally crowded timeshare and he wouldn't even necessarily be the lead guy every week. 


Adams = more likely to have some relevance, higher floor

Edwards = riskier with higher ceiling, but with the ability and schedule to be notably more fantasy relevant

I think I am leaning Edwards in my situation, because I really am trying to find someone who could make my team competitive in the playoffs as opposed to a guy who could be a solid flex alternative or injury stand-in. But both of these situations are convoluted enough that it is anyone's guess if either are important at all.



EDIT: If this is just a 1 week play, then I honestly also think both of them could have comparable productivity with favorable matchups, but Adams is safer and I would likely play him of the two given our limited information. I would prefer to have Edwards on my bench though to see what happens.

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