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11.22.18 -- Thanksgiving Meta Thread! CHI @ DET; WAS @ DAL; ATL @ NO Game Threads

Patrick Bateman

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Just now, Dr. Whom said:

Bears d is gutless. No way it takes young guys more than 3 days to recover from a night game. Lions will rout them with Blount 

You get in 75 car crashes on Sunday night & let me know how you feel Thursday morning

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Just now, SuperJoint said:


What - you mean that fall into the end zone there? I guess so - seems as though Zenner could fall forward with the best of them but you're probably right.


Yeah. They both suck, but this is a nasty game, so they go with Blount because he’s bigger and likes to bang.


Neither is great, but I’d rather go with Blount than Zenner. Riddick can’t take the pounding

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Honestly Nagy is a very creative coach in the passing game and maybe I’m biased as a jaded Howard owner but it sure looks to me like he gives no thought to the running game other than up the middle to set up the passing game. He’s obviously paying for that today 

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