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Would you veto this trade? Gronk WHIR


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Proposed and Accepted in my league.


Team A gets:  Gronk and David Johnson

Team B gets:  L. Miller, C. Davis, E. Engram


Online trade calculators have Team B winning trade?


Obviously Miller is step down from DJ but Miller has put up 100 yards from scrimmage in 3 of the last 4 games and ARZ offense is abysmal.


Seems like Team B using DJ to get a decent RB and to buy low on a high trgt volume WR in Davis who is TEN #1 WR and flashed just last wk.


Gronk fragile and always a high injury risk. Seems like TEAM B selling Gronk's upside. Engram is decent return.


Trade etiquette:

Do most of you veto trades or trust other league members judgement?

The point of trades is to get an advantage or improve your team, right? So do trades have to be "fair"?


This trade doesn't seem outrageous. If Gronk proves healthy Team A wins big time but that's risky. Thoughts?

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