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Russell Westbrook for Bradley Beal and Pascal. WHIR


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Was just offered this trade. I would be receiving Westbrook. I am pretty deep at PF with Siakim, Jaren Jackson Jr., John Collins Marvin Bagley, and Markannen on IR. I am looking for high volume players. I feel I don't have anyone that can go off for 70-80 points any given day. My roster is:


PG- D. Fox

SG- Jrue Holiday

SF- (Stream spot, currently have Jeff Green)

PF- Siakim

C- Nikola Jokic 

UTL- Marc Gasol

UTL- Jaren Jackson Jr.

UTL- John Collins

Bench- Bradley Beal

Bench- SGA

Bench- C. Levert 

Bench- Marvin Bagley 

Bench- Spencer Dinwiddie 

IR- L. Markannen 


I don't think I am going to contend this year and I'm looking for keepers for next year (three player keeper league). What do you guys think? Is Beal and Siakim too much for Westbrook? Westbrook would obviously fit that keeper mold. This is a 10 team H2H league FYI. 

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11 minutes ago, CodeRed said:

I think I’d do this that’s a fairly cheap price for Westbrook imo



That’s what I’m thinking. The owner has been trying to sell Gordon Hayward so I’m going to try and get him included in the deal. If not I’m still leaning towards doing it. But looking for opinions for the community. 

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