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Dak or DeShaun


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First time posting on here with a WDIS  for 2018.


Watson v CLE: Been rolling with DeShaun all year and seen his ups and downs. Hou v CLE seems like both teams will slow it down and take the air out. Deshaun might not need to do much. As it is, he isnt throwing more than 25 times/game. Its just that he has been very efficient. 


Dak v NO (Tonight): High O/U game and he will probably have to throw to keep up with NO (stout Run D), can see plenty of dump offs to Zeke, Cole and force feeding Amari. But the NO defense has been legit as of late and his floor is scary-low. 


I am a fringe playoff team and need to win and score a TON of points to possibly get in, so looking for the upside play. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated.




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