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Beal & WCS for my Joe Ingles & J Collins WHIR!

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who wins ROS?  Post links WHIR!

I am a FG% low TO, w/ heavy stocks and 3s team. i fear losing J Collins (kinda like my FG anchor atm) - Also that WCS is underperforming in blocks, should go back to the mean of ~1bpg i think. Beals blocks probably regress a bit too. I am punting FT% here so WCS isn't actually as bad as his 9 cat ranking. 

but Beal & WCS both have 12 games in playoffs. whereas Joe has 10 or 11 and John as 9. 

Should I make this offer?


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i would actually keep Jingles/Collins. Beal > Jingles but Collins > WCS and I think the difference between Collins and WCS is much bigger than Jingles and Beal. Beal is really just giving you more scoring, Jingles is the same as him in most other cats. Collins has huge upside and all the usage he can handle on a tanking team focused on his development



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