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Francisco Lindor 2019 Outlook


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1 hour ago, Z06vette said:


Oh baby 😍


was just coming here here to post it, there’s that smile flashing coming around 3rd. 



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1 hour ago, Jmadtown said:

No, Frankie has always been built like a brick ****house. Especially his legs. 

 I know what he looks like. His upper body looks jacked this year. But of course it coulda just been the red jersey made it look that way. 

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Happy Lindor Day gets delayed by a day... ☹️

I highly doubt he plays in both games of the DH tomorrow, so technically we also lose an extra game of Lindor now.  It'd be surprising if they played him in both games right away.

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11 minutes ago, Z06vette said:

I guess he's playing in the 2nd game.

Yeah, seems that way.  Fully expected the rainout last night was going to cost us one game of Lindor.

Would have rather had him play in the first game selfishly since I have Toussaint going in Game 2, but oh well.  Lindor being back is more important than that. 😀

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