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Lineup advise...bench Mahomes and Mixon??? WHIR

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12 team .25 pt PPR .17 pt per carry QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex (RB,WR,TE), K, DST


Currently projected to lose 142 to 138


Starters                                           Bench                                                                     Waivers

Mahomes vs BAL                          Roethlisberger @ OAK                                         Winston vs NO

Lindsey @ SF                                 Mixon @LAC                                                          McGuire @ BUF  

L. Miller vs IND                              Ware vs BAL                                                          

                                                         JustinJackson vs CIN                                        

D. Adam vs ATL                             Humphries vs NO                                                 Pettis vs DEN

Diggs @ SEA  (Q)                           C. Davis vs Jax (locked)                                     Zay Jones vs NYJ

Njoku vs CAR

Ekeler vs Cin                                   Mixon, Ware, J. Jackson, Humphries, Pettis, Jones

Fairbairn vs IND

Titans DST vs JAX (locked)         BAL @ KC

M. Gordon (OUT)


Mahomes has tough matchup. Ben has been better on the road this yr and has a ++ matchup. Trust Mahomes is "matchup proof"?


Ekeler and Jackson make me nervous due to potential for even split, I almost like Jackson more b/c Ekeler poor #s as starter and report that he is "wearing down", +++++ matchup.

Would you start both???


Down on Mixon b/c of poor supporting cast (no Dalton, AJG) and likely game script away from the run.


Ware is a possible start at Flex but tough matchup, not overly impressive last wk.


Diggs played through knee injury last week but with down #s and still dealing with knee. Monday night game. Start Humphries, Pettis, Jones instead??


Any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks and good luck.

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That's a tough call at QB, but I think Mahomes is still the start.

I'd also avoid the Chargers backfield and start Mixon instead. I don't trust committees this time of year, and it sounds like Mixon will have his normal workload.

Diggs is a solid WR2 still, I'd start him unless he's all the sudden ruled out.

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