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I run a 3 sport dynasty salary cap league, the 3 sports being football, basketball, and baseball. We have completed 1 baseball season, about to complete our 1st football season, and are in our 2nd basketball season. All 3 sports are run on ESPN, with our main headquarters being a Proboards page. All roster moves, drafts, trades, etc. are posted on the Proboards page, then I transfer whatever was done to a spreadsheet that is viewable to all owners 24/7. It is always up to date. I'm very on top of things like that, so there will never be confusion as to where u or anyone else is salary cap wise or anything like that. We also have a group chat that's run off the GroupMe app on our phones. The app is free, and it's very helpful to communicate with other owners about trades. There is a main chat that we are all in and u can also personal message other owners about trades where it's just u and whoever you're messaging.  


I run the league, and have 2 other owners that are "Board Members". The 3 of us figure things out within the league if there's ever a problem, but everything that has to do with anything changing about the league is always put up to a vote, with the majority ruling. We've noticed lately that a handful of owners are basically doing the minimum. They're setting lineups, but that's about it. No wanting to improve via trades or waivers, and no chatting, and no visiting the Proboards page 1 time a day (it literally takes 5 minutes of your day, if that). Since no one is doing anything to be thrown out, we haven't been able to do much. However, it's time to get some more active people in the league. It's a great league, with great owners, and we need an infusion.  


If you're still reading this, then you're probably a person I'm looking for. I don't want to tell anyone which teams are available yet. I'd rather u clicked on the link I'm providing below and read the League Constitution. It explains every detail of the league. After reading it, and only after reading it, decide if the league might be something for u. Only serious inquiries. Reading the Constitution is mandatory. If u aren't gonna read it, then u won't do well. Please fill out an app on the Proboards site and I will contact u via email. The link is below.



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