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12.17.18 -- MNF: New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers Game Thread

Patrick Bateman

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9 minutes ago, GoPackGo23 said:

I'm actually sick to my stomach right now. I have Kamara and Michael Thomas going and needed them to just have average games to make it to the championship. What the heck am I watching?

A masterpiece 

9 minutes ago, OmegaRed88 said:

This game suck balls


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1 minute ago, Ace_King said:

WRs are a lot more volatile and have lower floors than RBs. Look at MT today for example. It is hard for a WR based team to win 2 or 3 playoff games imo.


How many rb's who were drafted in  the pre-season as primary starters and are currently excelling in the playoffs?


I will tell u who isn't :D

freeman-mkinnon-mcoy-bell-gordon-ajayi-hunt-dion-ingram-white/burkehead-drake-jones-royce-howard-collins-lynch-fournette-collins and i'm sure i'm missing a handful more

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