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12.17.18 -- MNF: New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers Game Thread

Patrick Bateman

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3 minutes ago, Ace_King said:


That's the downside to RBs. Of course you can mitigate some of that risk by cuffing your RB. You can't cuff OBJ or AJ Green.

I  lost mkinnon preseaon and been unsuccessfully mitigating risk with brieda-mostert-wilson on any given week while Danate+ edelman have been rocks of weekly predictability steering my team towards a title match. .. :lol:

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11 minutes ago, affliction said:

Yall realize every QB basically put up duds this week 


something like 12or15 QB's  did not have a passing TD this past week. and I think 4 of them attempted more than 40 passes:D

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