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Yes, a "Who to Start" Question (WHIR)


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Going to throw both of my questions in one post here, obviously it's championship week so lots is on the line. These questions are different leagues but both are 0.5 PPR.


1) Start K. Allen or Evans?


Allen would normally be my guy here, but coming off the injury and him almost losing me last week with his zero point performance I'm a little scared of starting him. Evans is probably safer but doesn't have the same potential.


2) Start S. Ware, D. Williams, or E. McGuire?


If I was certain one of Ware or Williams would get the bulk of the carries they would be the pick right? Thinking based on potential volume I may have to go McGuire here since a split backfield is scary.


Thanks guys I appreciate the help and hope whatever is decided in the end is right. I also wish everyone else the best in their matchups :)


Thanks guys and leave your links!

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