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My: AD + Cousins for Westbrook + Capella?! WHIR100%

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12 Team H2H 9 Cat (Currently punting T/Os)


Trade 1

My: Anthony Davis + DeMarcus Cousins 

For: Russell Westbrook + Clint Capella


Trade 2

My: Anthony Davis + DeMarcus Cousins + Mike Conley

For: Russell Westbrook + Clint Capella + Ben Simmons


I know the value is there, but this would be a drastic change in my team's build and I would probably end up trying to trade Harden For Giannis.  Other owner is really interested in AD.  I am cruising right now, but I also like trading and rebuilding my team might be interesting for me.  Thoughts?  WHIR100%

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I won't do the first offer as AD alone should get you those players.


Second one is close too but I don't think I'd do that one either.  There was another thread here where guy was offered Russ+Simmons for AD alone so food for thought.



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