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Yasiel Puig 2019 Outlook

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Depends on how harshly your stressing the word "easily." I think all three are certainly in the cards in 2019.    Mathematically, I actually think it's harder to make the argument he WON'T h

Last 650 PA:  42 HR 24 SB 85 R 103 RBI .267/.325/.528

2 minutes ago, CounterPunch said:

Where does he slot in the lineup though. I'm assuming Reyes will bat cleanup. Does he bat 6th behind JRam?


Honestly don't know. Kipnis has been hitting cleanup but he'll likely get moved down. It'll be interesting it they'll use this as an opportunity to move JoRam up since he's been hitting better. Lindor and maybe Mercado stick at 1 and 2. Santana has been hitting 3rd, after that it's anyone's guess. Maybe Mercado hits 9th now? Idk


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RosterResource has the new lineup as:


I think JoRam and Santana may get flopped as the former is on complete fire, but either way you look at it that 1 through 6 is disgusting.  I think Santana benefits the most from all this as he's already a super patient hitter but now he's gonna see a lot more good pitches to hit.

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1 hour ago, Tommy Lee Jones said:

My god, the Indians - talk about improvising.  Remember back in April/May when their lineup was hot garbage and Cargo was getting regular ABs?  And now they’re scary.  Quite the transformation.

Leonys Martin, Cargo, Hanley Ramirez and Eric Stamets all saw regular at bats on this team this year.  Quite the turnaround is correct.  Good year to be in the worst division ever.  Tigers, White Sox and Royals are all disgustingly putrid it’s given a team like Indians to take time to patiently work things out.

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3 hours ago, miasma16 said:

What are we doing with this lame? I think I'm going to keep or drop him based on how he performs this weekend.

I’m struggling with that decision, too. I have him in 8 leagues, many of them close races. He’s such a streaky hitter, I’m worried about benching him and watching him catch fire for a week. His next 3 series are against Detroit, Philly, and the White Sox. I’ll probably keep trudging him out there against those garbage staffs.

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