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Ivica Zubac 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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When you look at his per minute numbers, they've been quite increíble over the last couple weeks. Regardless of how much his time has fluctuated (and may continue to do so), the fact that he played big minutes and was huge down the stretch - including overtime - to beat OKC is, I think, a pretty substantial testament to his growing role on the team. That's not to say there won't be growing pains, but certainly workth a flier in my eyes. 


Not to mention, they play the Rockets next game, which is a team that is suddenly among the worst at the C position. Zub could go nuts again (maybe). 

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9 minutes ago, Frozerow said:

Do you think it’s better to keep Javale and be patient or drop him for zubac and take the risk ?

Tough to answer that.... rotation could end up being whoever is hot gets the most minutes. I think zubac has more upside, but this could end up being a headache where 3 centers get minutes. 

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I think anyone with JaVale McGee should be trying to sell him immediately...


I just don't seem McGee lasting the entire season, putting up 10pts / 8 reb / 2 blocks...


In terms of Zubac...


How do you not give this kid more playing time if you're Luke Walton...He has excelled in almost every scenario this season when given the opportunity. He was the primary reason (aside from Kuz) you won the last game...and if he's getting 25 minutes a game, he's an instant 13.0 PPG / 8 REB / 1.5 BLK guy...


I am not at all saying JaVale hasn't been having a good season...but in reality, it should be Zubac and McGee combining for the 48 minutes...Not Chandler...


The Lakers wonder why the 5 spot has been such a problem for them consistency wise over the course of the season...It's because they play 3 different TRUE Centers. Just pick 1, or even 2...and move along. You can't play Zubac 5 minutes one night, 25 minutes the next night, and go right back to 9 minutes the 3rd game...


Needless to say, now is the time to pick up Zubac. If he can somehow secure a 20 MPG role moving forward with his recent play, he'll be a lock for 10ppg/6reb/1blk with great %'s and very low t/o.



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Screw it! I picked up Zu while still owning McGee.


I can afford to hold both and hope for the best case scenario: that one of them clearly comes out on top. Based on the eye test as well as plus-minus, it really should be Zu getting the bulk of the minutes.


That said, knowing Walton, there’s strong likelihood it’ll just end up being an unpredictable musical chairs situation going forward.

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Was thinking of picking him up, Faried or Moore.


But looking at the matchup, he'll go against DMC so I went with Moore while waiting closely for K Faried updates.

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23 hours ago, t0087669 said:

Is Zubac worth a pick up using a no.8 waiver? He is just dropped in my 16-team league.........dunno why


He wasn’t in shape from the start and now is playing well. Can finish w either hand and isn’t afraid to play now, before he was nervous , that’s three straight games and two on a national TV spotlight. I’d say this is his year. Lakers bring vets to develop the younger guys and it’s paying off. Zubac having chandler and McGee in practice defending would give him tons of confidence finishing with their defensive abilities, surely he would learn a few angles and tricks to avoid 

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Like I said, I think the days of JaVale are over. And if they're not over, they're definitely numbered.


McGee had been a Top-40 player heading into January, but through this month, he's fallen outside of the Top-150....Not to mention McGee's playing minutes have gone down from 22.5 MPG to about 15.0 MPG this month...


Zubac is averaging 20.0 PPG / 7.7 REB / 0.7 BLK and 81.0 FG% / 88.0 FT% over his last 3 games...and his Per-36 numbers are even more juicy.


IMO, there is NO WAY for Luke Walton to keep him out of the lineup. To give Zubac anything less than 20 minutes a game would be a crime.


At worst, Zubac should be seeing 16-18 MPG...I think if we see him continue his hot streak in tomorrow's game, it wouldn't surprise me to see him consistently get 20-24 MPG.


The Lakers have been trying to figure out their C position the entire season. JaVale, while good for fantasy purposes, hasn't been that good in reality. Tyson, has been solid, providing rebound/tip sparks, but lets face it, he shouldn't be seeing anything more than 10 minutes a game.


If you have a chance to scoop him up in a 14-teamer or greater, now is probably your last chance to take a shot on him before he's scooped up everywhere.

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12 minutes ago, t0087669 said:

How did he go today? Time share with McGee going forward?

Time share for sure. He can be pretty productive in 15-20 anyway though. He was just outclassed by a better player tonight. He missed 2 or 3 really easy ones or it is a very nice boxscore.

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Well the good thing about today was that Chandler didn't even see the floor.


If this can turn into a timeshare between Zubac and McGee, giving Zu anywhere from 18-25 minutes a night, we'll be in for some good stuff.

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