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Ivica Zubac 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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2 hours ago, hyperionloop said:

Have McGee right now but don't have space for both. Is this sustainable? I'm wondering if Lebron coming back will make any difference. Chandler being phased out is promising but it seems like between Zu and McGee is a tradeoff between FT% and blocks.


It's still too early for me to tell.  Slo-Mo also became available in my league, so I have to go with him.  But Zubac could be here to stay.  I'm just not sure how much Lebron's return will change the dynamic, for better or worse.

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23 minutes ago, GarbageTyme said:

What does everyone think Zubac's ROS will look like if he gets traded to NOLA? I'm guessing he loses value playing next to Okafor? 

I think a deal won't get done till the summer instead of the deadline. The Lakers will showcase that hell out of him to show the pelicans that he's a great piece.

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4 hours ago, urban2014 said:

Cant give up after bad 1 game 


In all fairness, personally speaking, Zubac hasn't earned himself a permanent spot on my team (nor my heart), and I simply look it him as a streaming option thus far.  So I can understand if people dropped him after last game if they need to keep a spot open to stay competitive.  I contemplated dropping him to open up a stream for today, but I think, as others presume on this thread and beyond, that Zubac will turn it around, and is worth keeping on your squad if you can afford to do so. 

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In his recent strong outings, he mostly had great matchups and one lucky game where he only missed two shots. In terms of the eye test, he has the touch for sure, but during games he comes off rushed, clunky, and makes mistakes. The thing is, this stuff typically is fine, because he can work them out as the season progresses, but he’s gotten little playing time and he’s also on a very short leash because the Lakers are in win-now mode. One or two missed shots or mistakes, and he’s easily yanked for Chandler or McGee.


There are conspiracy theorists in the Twittersphere that believe his limited minutes tonight mean a trade’s a-brewin.’ Personally Chandler and McGee seemed to fit the flow of the game better, or maybe Walton just wanted to rely on his vets.

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