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12 Team H2H 9 Cat (Punt T/Os)


My: Mike Conley, Derrick Favours, DeMarcus Cousins

For: DeAndre Ayton, Chris Paul


I would like another active big to compliment AD and Ayton's owner need's more depth due to recent injuries and risk of not making playoffs.  Is this too low?   I think Conley and Ayton are pretty even.  Thoughts? WHIR!!!


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7 minutes ago, socal.trades714@yahoo.com said:


I put it on the table, but I'm just thinking of back up trades in case he doesn't want to move Joker.  Any thoughts on this offer?

I think Ayton will be solid but so will Cousins when he gets back.


I just sold both Ayton and CP3 recently. Ayton will be good, but only provides a boost in a few categories... FG%, Reb, maybe a block; and 15-20 points.


CP3 and those hamstrings worry me.  I sold him and JJJ for Oladipo and I don’t regret it one bit.

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