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Just now, Iron-cock said:

Everyone will blame JUJU but that fake punt call was garbage.



True there's lots of things that happen in a game.  But that fumble was an epic fail.  Especially since they were already in FG range.

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2 minutes ago, OmegaRed88 said:

Steelers downward spiral began mid-late season when they turned away from conner who was carrying them.  Deserve to miss playoffs


Technically, their downward spiral began when....



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2 minutes ago, egomaniac247 said:

The fake punt call was irrelevant.  Maybe the Saints would led a clock draining TD drive and the Steelers never even get a chance to get the ball back.


The fumble cost them the game, period.


One is a poor coaching decision, the other is just a player on the other team making a great play.


How many 80 yard drives did the Saints have in that game?  How likely is it after they reshuffled their offensive line after an injury? 


There is no reason to fake a punt in your own territory in that game situation, on top of the ridiculous down and distance.


Too many coaches are afraid of being too conservative, to the point where they do flat out dumb things.



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8 minutes ago, SuperJoint said:

Spiral whatever why are you faking a punt in your own territory up 4 w/4 minutes to go.


Teflon Tomlin (aka "Moosh Mouth Mike" , aka Marble Mouf Mike) says ... 


"uhhh well at uhhhhh that uhhh particular uhhhhhh juncture pgggffhhgght of the uhhhhhh game, we uhhhh felt that uhhhh the uhhhh young man uhhhhh Ridley uhhhh had the uhhhhh fresh uhhhh legs to uhhhhh pffffghfft navigate the uhhhhhhh necessary uhhhhh yardage - we uhhhhhh stand uhhhhh welll the young man uhhhhh by our uhhhh decision"

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