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My: Mike Conley for DeAndre Ayton? WHIR100%!!!

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12 Team H2H 9 Cat (Punt T/Os)


I would be offering:


My: Mike Conley, Jarrett Allen, and Gordon Hayward (or Rudy Gay if I have to up the offer)

For: Kris Middleton, DeAndre Ayton, and Caris LeVert


The other owner recently lost CP3 to injury and his second best PG is Lou Williams.  He needs to move one of his injuries (CP3/LeVert) to fight for a playoff spot and I need to move one of my PGs for a big.  Looking to do the most fair trade possible that would benefit both our teams.  Thoughts? WHIR100% 

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1 hour ago, Bugs bunny said:

As an Ayton owner I don't like it. I would need more.  Especially in a 12 teamer.


Thank you for your response.  Any suggestions on an offer that would be more fair?


How about..


My: Conley (or Booker), Allen, and Gay

For: Middleton, Ayton, and LeVert (I am only including LeVert to help out the other owner, I can do without him)

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