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New ESPN Roto League - $100 Entry Fee

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Scoring is 5x5: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, K, W, ERA, WHIP, and SVHD's.

No Keepers.

Total pay-in is ~$108 ($100 buy-in + $8 in fees). Will use TeamStake.com as they allow monthly in-season payouts.

The pay-out schedule is:

First Place - $600 (50%)

Second Place - $240 (20%)

Third Place - $84 (7%)

Each monthly winner will get $36. Six months works out to $216 total (18%)


A little about me: 2019 will be my 13th season playing fantasy baseball. I've managed a free league for 12 years. It's been very successful, but most of the owners prefer to keep it free, so i'm starting a new league for the money league.


If interested, drop me your email and i will send you a more in-depth email with the league constitution.





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2 hours ago, tazdevil300 said:

Interested but just played in a league where commish was in charge of trades and he tried to pull a fast one on our league.Not willing to take that chance with good money on the line again.If you have a board from a few players would be alright or let league like most


The trade process is listed as LM review on the settings but there is an option to appeal to a league vote. The entire trade process is explained in the league constitution. In short, LM decides the trades, and if a member disagrees with the decision, it goes to a league vote.

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4 hours ago, dinker said:

Pretty sure I'm interested in this although I have no idea what Teamstake is. Other leagues I'm in I pay commissioner via Amazon, would that be possible?


Have you ever used leaguesafe? Teamstake is just like that, except it allows international payments and in-season payouts. It's as easy as going to the website, creating an account, joining the league, and entering your payment info.


Maybe you can give me more details on how the amazon payment works - but it sounds like you're paying the LM directly at the beginning of the season, and then trusting that he'll pay the money out at the end of the year. I want to avoid holding anyone's money as much as possible, which is why Teamstake is the third-party in the transaction.

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8 hours ago, dinker said:

I understand your concern there but I only trust my CC info on a handful of sites, With Amazon I can gift money directly without compromising my CC information to someone in some 3rd world Country :)


They are based in Los Angeles. It's a very legitimate business. If you don't want to enter your CC, there is an option to pay with a paypal account as well.

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