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Luis Castillo 2019 Outlook

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Are folks really out here complaining about a guy with a 1.97 ERA/0.97 WHIP and the Ks to match...?   Confused as to what the problem is here    You have an ace.  Period 

Left Hander's have a career .190 BA and .342 Slugging against his Change up. There is a difference between a player who simply does not have the means to get lefties out. Vs one who needs to iron out

Wrote this on the Reds thread. Figured looking into his 2nd Half improvements would also be a nice way to start off his own thread.      Bad park, but an improving team. If they don't

15 hours ago, jb_power said:
  • a whole bunch of 3 - 2 counts.  he went to 3-2 on all 3 batters he faced in the 6th.  I was watching and just knew he wasn't going to get the QS


I didn't see the game but I watched most of his starts last year and the 3-2 counts, believe it or not, might be a good thing.  Were they 3-2 counts that started as 0-2, 1-2 counts?

Because he was way too close to the plate last year on a lot of 0-2, 1-2 counts and he got hit hard.  If he's wasting pitches a little more, it could be a sign of progress as long as his BB rate doesn't spike dramatically, obviously. 

If he stops giving up the long ball as well, then he could take a big step forward this year.

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Reached for this dude in redraft every year since he took the league by storm a few years back. Finally it’s paying off. That easy 95+ heat and of the best changeups in the game is such a deadly combo. 


Looks like he feels much more comfortable out there. Much better body language on the mound... like he knows he’s an ace now. So mentally I think he’s ready for the breakout. I imagine Nick from PitcherList will have a promising blurb about him this morning.

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Castillo threw a front-door two-seamer on Hosmer for strike three that looked like it moved 12 inches. Hosmer couldn't do anything but sheepishly smirk as he walked away. That was maybe the filthiest pitch I've seen this year so far. Can't wait to see the Pitching Ninja gif on that one. He was able to get a bunch of strikes on that pitch, but that last one to Hosmer was jaw-dropping. Guys, the breakout is real. Enjoy the ride.

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1 hour ago, High&Inside said:

30.2 IP

13 H 

14 BB 

5 ER

41 K

Ace level. Our man has leveled up this year.



One thing I’ll say is that I’d really like to see that walk rate come down. Otherwise, I am so thrilled with this guy. Love owning him 😁

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24 minutes ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

You gotta start playing in deep dynasty leagues then.  Sounds like you have the make-up for that format.


Or I could just identify my own bad habits and try to adjust my strategy.  But yeah your idea seems more likely. 

I'm trying to "buy high" right now on this guy. Doubt it happens but I love what I see. 

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