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Who to pick up: TJ McConnell, Derrick Jones Jr, Dante Exum, or Bembry?


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1 hour ago, gdog2244 said:

Id go Jones Jr, hes gonna have his ups and downs, but has pretty awesome stocks when things are going well. The other three are all very short term.



1 hour ago, calebcjy said:

Jones JR and then bembry our of those guys


thwres no one else better than those guys?




But isnt james johnson back next game? And bazemore out 2 weekS? just curious. 

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It depends on needs. I’m not buying into Exum. I actually like Bembry out of all of them. He seems to be more in line for minutes than DJJ. Also, I really do think Bazemore is going to get moved at some point opening up more minutes.

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15 hours ago, stickman786 said:

12 man 9 cat league:Dropping Klebler. My Team,




Tobias Harris

Mike Conley


Chris Paul

Wendell CarteR JR



Javale Mcgee


Joe Harris


IL: Bagley




I don't think any of these players are a must own even in a 12 team league but I would rank them as Bembry > Jones Jr > Exum > TJ.  Looking at your roster, I like everyone better with the exception of Kleber.  I would def drop him for one of the first two players, either Bembry or Jones Jr. 


Kornet and Harris are potential drops but for right now I would hang on to them both.  Kornet looked really good the other night and something is going to happen with Kanter.  Kanter is too good to be benched and the Knicks clearly don't care about winning right now.  Harris is in a crowded backfield but he's been fairly productive recently.  


Overall, I like your team.  

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