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Nick Pivetta 2019 Outlook

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Pitches well enough to be picked up in starts that no one uses him.  Hyped by experts. Destroys ratios beyond repair.  Universally dropped.  Waits until the absolute last believer drops him and then p

Stay away if you must, but pinning it on one game where you streamed him last year seems silly. 

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14 minutes ago, Hockey_Baseball said:

Can you trust him for any of the upcoming matchups? I hate having bench-warmers.

vs WAS, vs NYM, @COL


Lol, no.  Washington is the worst team out of those 3 and they are still dangerous.

No way in hell you even consider starting him @Coors.  Pivetta is a drop for me.

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Whether he's a drop or not is league dependent but I can't blame anyone for losing faith. He has good stuff but still seems to have a hard time finding the plate. If he can fix his command issues he's capable of the breakout some of us are hoping for but it'll be an uphill battle for him to get there. 

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Yeah I'm not really one to move on so quickly but I need a roster spot and Pivetta is looking like the most likely candidate.


There is a lot of SP depth on the wire in most of my leagues and I assume most others this early in the season. Hard to hold on and hope he develops fastball command mid-season when he's never had it before. 

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40 minutes ago, octapuss said:

I think he will come around.....too much talent to lose it completely....only two games...bad weather....plus he is going to get lots of run support so the wins will be there.

By come around, you mean around his 4.77 ERA and 1.30 WHIP last year? It works if accept you are only getting this dude for the Ks and W's.

If you care about your ratio's. You will just have to pick your spots against very right handed dominate teams.

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That "Stop Trying To Make Pivetta Happen" post made me laugh.  I hate myself for believing in him and giving him another chance.

Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."

Oh well, there's always next week:/

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5 minutes ago, HaloFanatic17 said:

But everyone says those Ks and Ws are useful 😏

Well if you're talking about in a given week, 6 Ks is nothing to sneeze at. I have Pivetta and am still (fortunately) ahead in both ratios, too. The question is what to do with this dude going forward. If he finishes the year with 200+ Ks and a 17+ ERA, I don't want him on my roster.

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Idk why I drafted this guy, thankfully I didn't start him tonight, but he's gonzo-alonzo in the morning, so many better pitchers available in my league i'm not wasting my time with it right now. he wont get claimed probably so i can always pick him back up if he turns it around 

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