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Pros: 4th in Receptions among RBs 4th in Targets among RBs 5th in Reception Yards among RBs 2nd highest amount of Red Zone Carries among RBs (51) 2nd Highest amount of Carries

Footage of me peeping on this thread as a Murray owner:  

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So Murray plays against the Bears and Cards and goes for 75 points. Today the Falcons and he’s lucky he cracked double digits. Lot of last minute dump offs. What a joke. This has been so incredibly frustrating. Dude usually has double digit touchdowns. What does he have this year, 2. 

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Would have had a TD but he tripped in the flat. 

This was a terrible game flow game. 

Atlanta had 4 drives that went 10 plays or longer. Including one that was a 17 play 8 minute drive. 

Add to this that Atlanta had 6 first downs due to penalties (all good calls), and a 4th down conversion. 

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37 minutes ago, Itachi_is_the_goat said:

Does anyone who watched the game know around the snap share percentage? Was it liek 50-50 or closer to 70-30


75/25 in favor Kamara. Although it seemed a lot closer until the 4th (where the Saints were down 10) and it was pretty much all Kamara. I am sure the split would be a lot closer if the Saints were not losing the entire game. It seemed fairly even as far as snaps go in the 1st half from just watching.

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The offense stall and Brees couldn't get it going and when they were throwing from behind Brees did not look Kamara's way often in this one. The game flow and possession times were funky and was not in NO favor. They couldn't and didn't really run the ball. Weird game overall

no official snap count chart yet but both had same amount of carries

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14 minutes ago, TheINC said:

This plug along with the Saints overall cost me my season. Waste of a top 4 pick.


Ok but think about how many RBs are able to get 15 PPR points consistently without TDs. CMC, Cook, Fournette, Chubb, Zeke, Carson, Conner? I think that's it. This was literaelly one of the worst offensive games for the Saints in maybe years and our boy still got 15. TDs and better days are coming with Brees

EDIT: I see you're in standard. Yea Kamara might be a high rb2 there

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8 hours ago, Smoketheclay said:

Wondering the same thing.  Murray only snagged 5 runs, so it doesn’t seem like he will eat into Kamara very much.


question is, is Kamara over the injury and can the Saints get it together


Kamara got 78% of snaps and Murray got 25%. 

Think about it like this. The Saints probably just had their worst offensive game in maybe 5 years and Kamara still put up 15 PPR points, which is #11 RB on the week. This might be your last chance to buy him cheap

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21 hours ago, jumboJET85 said:

In 5 Career games vs Tampa Bay


50.8 Rushing  Yards

6.4 Rec

71.6 Receiving Yards

1.2 TDs


So history says 18.2 points as a floor. 



That was before Murray. Floor is 5 points. Ceiling about 12.

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