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David Johnson 2019 Outlook

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Would have been nice if he said this before the game.

Did your backup get all the reps in your furniture moving business while you were out?  That’s the only part of your analogy that us Chase Edmonds owners care about.

this is what fantasy football has come to 🤦🏻‍♂️

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reading the newer posts here and watching FFN, just put dj on bench and got monstah on flex over him

cant remember ever having no names rbs like this week, rb 2 b hill flex mostert...

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16 minutes ago, ginocan said:

Drake going to start. 

5 for 15 yards

2 rec for 10 yards 

Day is coming. And that is probably his ceiling. Non starting. Against a good D. 



Not against the run.  I don't expect anything like last time, but the 49ers aren't even in the top half for run D.  I also expect them to be fired up for the game after that got abused on TNF.

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Pretty concerned even with his keeper value at this point. He might just be too broken down already even though he's only 27. I could see ARI resigning Drake and moving on from Johnson, although it looks like they would have a lot of dead money from just releasing him so that's probably not realistic. Maybe he ends up with the Chiefs and then I'll be forced to keep him again. 🙏

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5 minutes ago, sSektor said:

I just want to know what's really going on. Kingsbury needs to stop pretending like he's Belichick with the secrecy and BS injury reports. At least prove you're good coach before lying to everyone about the franchise RB.

Nothing is going on. DJ is washed, it’s not hard to see.

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The writing was on the wall when they signed Kenyan Drake, but some DJ owners weren't ready to believe.


I hope DJ still has something left in the tank in the future, he seems like a great guy. He's probably on my DND list in the future though. Owned him every year since 2016, and 2016 was the only year it was really worth it.

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I thought it was against league rules to falsify practice reports and general information? DJ is clearly hurt or


just doesn’t give a s--- anymore since he’s paid.


either way, bum


total bum


to think of what I COULD have had


instead I got a guy that willingly gave away his job to a mediocre talent




find your damn balls and step on them if that’s what it takes to release some manliness





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6 hours ago, joshua18 said:

He’s obviously hurt. Of course he looks terrible and is barely getting any snaps.

I am sure he is hurting who isn’t at that this point of the season, but I don’t think he’s injured what sense would it make to hide an injury everyone knows he isn’t playing much (if at all) it’s not like their gonna fool anyone into game planning for him. Unless of course medical staff mis diagnosed him or something which is possible just doesn’t seem likely.

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