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Patrick Mahomes 2019 Outlook

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I think we can all agree that the Chiefs should shut him down for the year, and he should retire.

If your ankle is weakened and you can't maneuver through a qb sneak the way you otherwise could, who knows what kind of damage you might suffer as a result.  Bottom line: it was a stupid call on a nig

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49 minutes ago, Brettg57 said:

Not a fan of the matchup but can't sit him right?! 


meh ...  a somewhat healthier 'Homie is matchup proof ... don't overthink this, kid's a bonafide freak. 

not to mention the Titans just lost their best corner (Butler) to injury, and ceded 30 pts to the Carolina McCaffery's last week. 


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13 hours ago, hockeyfan77 said:



Yep...Can't sit him if you have him....Unless your backup is like Lamar or something lol.

That said, I feel like he's risky.  I mean, he's probably still looking at surgery after the season and according to Dr Chao he's at an increased risk for the kneecap slipping again.

And we've stopped talking about the ankle issue he had.  That should be pretty healed but that's probably something he could tweak too.

Yeah, gotta play him if you have him.  But also still stuff to be concerned about.

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1 minute ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:

tracking 'Homie ... it's Friday fellas, KoolAid will scoop us in roughly 25 ...



Awaiting the news. I heard he was still practicing as the #2 QB yesterday, which isn't good. I need him this week pretty badly. I hope they don't hold him back. 

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20 minutes ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:


 $$$$$ Money f'n Mitch $$$$$ and NeggHead got traded to the Titans?


Whoops I meant to quote someone mentioning mahomes vs bears 


Or did they actually get traded?! Don’t gets my hopes up 

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That's my quarterback!

I think if he plays, you can't possibly sit him unless your other QB is Russell Wilson.

First game hopefully with Tyfreak and Watkins both healthy for four quarters.  Will be great to see if the offense can quickly get back on track and dominant.

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