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I'm hoping for a big game from Henry but I'm likely rolling out the Jags D. So as long as Mariota throws a couple INTs and gets sacked I'm good lol.

Keep the game close and Henry can keep pounding.  Love what this train is finally doing. I've kept this guy in 2 keeper leagues for 3 years, believing in him and drinking the Cleats koolaid.  I believe!

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Was there ever any doubt?

Yeah but take away that 75 yard TD run and he only has 90 yards and a touchdown. 

Other RBs can boost their stats by big 99 yard runs too. I wonder why they don't do that more often?

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3 hours ago, DerrickHenrysCleats said:


I'd want to get away from the Jags too. Gotta get trucked by Henry twice a year? That can't be fun.


🎼Vuh-Vuh-Vuh -Vuh Vaayygisss/Here's the Money Line/Vuh-Vuh Vayyyygiss🎼


rush yds:

 o74.5  -120

u74.5  -110

to score TD  -110


💣 roll dem bones 💣


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6 hours ago, humanpuck said:

I'm benching him this week even though I know its going to bite me in @ss

If you know this "why"?  I think the first team to 20 wins!!😴

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Just now, mjb said:

If you know this "why"?  I think the first team to 20 wins!!😴

Because I'm not benching Godwin, Adams or Nuke(unless hurt).  If I play Henry over Carson I run the same risk as not playing Henry and having Carson go off.  First world problems, yes this is a 10 team league that I got dragged into so the rosters are stacked.

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2 minutes ago, DerrickHenrysCleats said:

Should have given Henry 30 carries on that sloppy field, defense was holding after the first 2 TDs the jags scored.

Henry did make one critical error... He dropped that screen pass that he would have taken to the house.

Besides that one... the holding calls (esp the one that accused Tajae Sharpe (19) of holding LOL) were as bad as the coaching points

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