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Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

Message added by tonycpsu

Recent developments in AB's employment status, along with the continued inability of some users to keep their comments within the site guidelines, have forced us to lock this thread yet again.  If circumstances warrant, we will reopen.

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1 hour ago, NyMetsfan5 said:

Except the talent level between them is not even remotely comparable 

What it really reminds me of is Randy Moss after his time on the Vikings.

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16 minutes ago, NyMetsfan5 said:

Wow bro they sent him a letter and said BAD AB BAD BOY!   I’m absolutely scared now. Selling all my shares.   Awww did someone miss out on picking AB. Sorry to hear that bro. Have fun watching him post weekly elite WR1 lines

I'm not really sure how this paints the team as pushovers.  Mike Mayock is a smart guy.  And TB ended up deactivating Keyshawn Johnson after he had issues in TB under Gruden.



That is the article that mentions it (roughly 4th paragraph down).  I can imagine them giving him quite a bit of leash given his talent and what they invested in him, but being smart about how you handle something doesn't necessarily make you weak.

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Just now, ColoWrex said:



I didn't know what the specific problem would be next, but this is not surprising.  Brown is not a professional any more.  He's gone to "T.O." and "Ochocinco" territory; it's going to be a new drama every week.  R.I.P.

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Just now, oliminator123 said:

Hahaha. This guy is just a tool. I'd be surprised if he even finishes the season. 

It seems like such a Raiders thing to happen too.  Watch them deal him to another team before the season is over.

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2 minutes ago, mulhollandvelvet said:

I’m betting it’s only for a quarter or a half but still just a huge circus at this point lol. 


Unless you are in a best ball league, a full game suspension or a half game suspension have pretty much the same effect. 

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