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Blockbuster Keeper Trade?

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So I was offered a big trade today. This guy has been after Doncic for a while but he added a new level to the deal with this:


Give: Leonard, Doncic

Get: Towns, Tatum


I'm a big Doncic fan, and also a Raps fan so this is tough to even consider. But it looks like a decent deal? Though I fear maybe I'm even undervaluing Doncic in a keeper.


Keep 5 forever. 14 team league.


Cats: FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO


My Team:

PG R. Westbrook

SG K. Leonard

G J. Teague

SF K. Durant

PF A. Gordon

F L. Doncic

C D. Ayton

C J. Nurkic

BE D. Russell, J. Hart, K. Kuzma, E. Payton, N. Batum


Keepers without deal: Westbrook, Durant, Leonard, Ayton, Doncic


Keepers with deal: Westbrook, Durant, Towns, Ayton, Tatum


So what do you think? Is it a must accept? Is Doncic going to be too good to give up? Can I adjust this deal in any way? I really appreciate advice on this one guys! Thanks!

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15 minutes ago, DonaldsDucks said:

Is dealing Leonard and Russell for Towns a better option? I'd get to hold Doncic in this situation


Well.. Don't need an answer on this lol. I just got done Leonard and Russell for Towns and Tatum. Happy I got to keep Luka here.

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I don't want to create a whole new post when this one was created so recently, so here we go. 


Clearly there are lots of Doncic lovers in my league.. Got offered Paul George for him 1 for 1 now. Same league, same categories, still keep 5 forever.


Updated team: 

Pg Westbrook

Sg Doncic

G Teague

Sf Durant

Pf Tatum

F Gordon

C Towns

C Ayton

Be Nurkic

Be Kuzma

Be Payton

Be Hart

Be Batum


Would you deal Luka for George? Really appreciate any help guys.

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