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Francisco Mejia 2019 Outlook


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This is my first year in a daily lineup-change league. My pre-draft strategy was to pair Mejia with another late-round catcher, maybe Alfaro, and swap them in and out depending on the Padres lineup. I think Mejia will hit when he plays, so I think it's a reasonable approach in such a league if you are willing to burn a bench spot.

My primary league (which hasn't drafted yet) only allows weekly changes, so I may stay away there.

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12 minutes ago, Baseball Jonze said:

^Might as well pair Mejia and Hedges if Mejia+Alfaro was your plan, going with the SD duo guarantees you 600 at bats and 162 games from your catching. 

That's certainly true. I was less confident about Hedges, especially since this is an OBP league.  I drafted Hedges his rookie year, and he was awesome, but I'd need to see him bounce back a little first.  I know this isn't a Hedges thread, but let me add that what was really crazy that year was that he'd go 2-25, and then the next week he'd hit five HRs, then he'd go 3-18 again.  So owners in weekly leagues who benched him because he had been in a recent slump would literally have gotten NOTHING from him all season.

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Sometimes I use the strategy of leaving my catcher spot open. There are very few catchers out there that will give you any decent numbers; the others are a drain on your BA/OBP.

With Mejia, I think it will be different. I'm hoping he will give us Owners a little bit of everything. He certainly has the skill set.

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11 hours ago, ChicksDigTheOPS said:

I'm trying to sell. I don't buy the approach or skills fully, and think his inconsistency + playing time will be a headache.
Fortunately, there seems to be a lot of keeper interest, so I'm on the verge of dumping Mejia+Kimbrel for Astudillo and a decent SP. 


Me too in a dynasty, but not much interest in my league.  People are just kinda meh on him.

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46 minutes ago, tekashi26ix said:

what are we supposed to do about this guy, he has been so bad although management has been worse in his development is this a late season breakout hold or is it a any minute breakout hold or is it a straight drop and don't look back

Drop and don’t look back. Hedges has been better to date hitting and is getting rave reviews for the way he’s working with this young staff. Plus he’s worlds better defensively

at best you get 60 games of sporadic at bats from him

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17 hours ago, hard1 said:

Batting 545 on his rehab stint... any hope when he comes back or lost season

I think they like Hedges' work behind the plate, poor average and all, and Mejia is not known for his catching ability.  He's a bat first player.  If his defense hasn't improved, then at best it's a time share.

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1 hour ago, bluefrogguy said:

Padres are clearly riding this as a potential breakout giving him near every day starts... fantasy owners might as well follow suit.  Nothing to lose for most fantasy owners. 

Yup. He should be owned and started everywhere IMO. Too much potential here.

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