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Odell Beckham Jr. 2019 Outlook

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Lmaoooo this dude said Godwin for Odell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Someone gonna break their phone screen pressing reject so hard 

Bill to Odell right now

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1 hour ago, dashoe said:

So how long before OBJ tries his version of an AB. . . he already has the blond hair he can just dye his moustache and beard. 🤣


No kidding lol. Difference to me between the two and this is my opinion without anything factual to back it up: I see OBJ as interested in winning games while I see AB prioritizing his own numbers. For example, I could see OBJ ok with not having 10 for 150 and a tuddy as long as his team wins the game. With AB, I get the feeling his primary focus is making sure he "gets his". I've seen him throw tantrums before when not getting the ball even though his team is winning, so to me that supports that theory.


Along with that, I think OBJ is able to string together coherent sentences and actually sound like someone you could talk to whereas AB sounds like a babbling moron who can't use the English language very well.


Give me OBJ any day over AB. I know AB is amazing and has had a ridiculous career, but do we not think OBJ would've had similar success if he was on that Steelers team rather than NYG? I know, this can't be proven, but just my take.

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36 minutes ago, The 7th Beatles said:



His money is locked in. The question is does he want to stay a NYG and does the organization need him in their rebuild.

When you have Barkley, it's really about getting a QB going forward rather than a having a stud wr. baker showed what he could do with a below avg wr group.

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Not sure what the offer would have to be...
I think the Giants would need more than the #2 pick to move OBJ and I doubt the 49ers would move that pick.
With the improvements to the line and the losses on defense, the Giants may just be all in on offense at this point...

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Just on talent, does any team in the NFL have more starting talent than the Browns. Not even the Rams have this ridiculous talent. 2 stud receivers, 2 stud running backs, a 1st rounder tight end, and their entire defense is basically 1st rounders from all the years of sucking. Man, everything is riding on Baker Mayfield being the real deal now. The pressure is out of this world.

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