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Mike Evans 2019 Outlook

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2 minutes ago, Bish0p said:


By buying you mean youve already bought, and are trying to convince yourself it was a good move.

Not to have too cool a story, but no not yet.

I stopped in here initally after the goose egg to gauge freak out levels.  It seems quite high.  Now I'm attempting to see if devil's advocate has any effect on those who have already sold himself on him being garbage to see how low I can ball.  Looks like good news.

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I don't want to be rude, harsh, or anything like that. However, if you dropped Mike Evans find a different hobby. Maybe something like knittng or candle carving. 

You can't bench Mike Evans.  If you do, you might as well trade him for someone you won't bench.  I get it, he's coming off a goose egg, playing a tough match-up against a team that has limited his pr

Just rage dropped. I'll let some other fool deal with him. 

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8 minutes ago, RunCMC said:

This week he's the perfect buy low, next week he's the perfect sell high.... and on it goes this thing of ours. 

Owning superstars is a delightful thing some weeks, but everyone is susceptible to bad games.  WRs are even more volatile because they can be schemed out.  You pay for the 40 burgers with the single digit weeks.  The best thing is to make someone else pay that tab.

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2 minutes ago, FFdisciple said:


I will pass thank you very much


Just now, jpark211 said:

Is there some post that analyzes which corners Evans performs horribly against? At this rate, its so hard to trust him in your lineup as a weekly starter...


welll, maybe Bradberry will shift his talents to the Yucs true #1wr (Godwin), leaving big Mickey to frolic vs the lesser corner. 


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Bradberry seems to me to be a very hit or miss cat.

I remember during his rookie year Julio set a career best against him.

The last three games they've gone against each other admittedly have not been inspiring.

Also of note Arians saying we have to move Evan's around more to get him open, and how Kawaan Short's injury effects their overall pass defense (Minshew had a pretty good day).

Squeaky wheel or another Godwin day with Bradberry getting the better of him?  IDK.  Evans overall body of work inspires confidence to me.

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Think I'm starting Gallup over him. I just dont trust it this week. Very hard to feel good about a historically bad matchup after laying an egg. Many dont have a choice, but dont feel dumb for benching him. He's obviously not a matchup proof WR1, like he was drafted to be. He'll have more boom weeks than busts, but this probably wont be one of them. 

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