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Tyler Lockett 2019 Outlook

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Through the first 8 weeks in PPR, Lockett was 10th overall in pts scored and 14th overall in pts/game (important to distinguish him from players who have had their bye already.) Week 9's output should create space and put a strangle hold on a top 12 finish at the position in PPR [currently 3rd at the position overall (170.9pts), and 5th overall on a per game average (18.989pts)]

It will be interesting to see the affect(s) of the Gordon signing and IF Seattle can overcome all it's injuries, and while the season is barley halfway complete (anything can happen)...a big shout out and major kudos to you fellas who saw this type of upside in the guy B) I was turned off by a lack of targets and the chance of injury...my bad :ph34r:


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Most people can't, but I can.

Sounds like he's okay.  In other news, that guy has some major ears on him. I thought I had big ears. 

Massive overreaction lol

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I reached a little for him and I don't think my leaguemates thought it was a good pick but he's making me look real smart. I've always loved the dude's talent. Playing for a run first team and playing 2nd/3rd fiddle limited his upside his first few years but he's as talented as any WR in the league and has a stud throwing to him

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11 minutes ago, WVFalcon said:

What do you guys think about Lockett this week? Will he be shadowed by Richard Sherman or does it even matter with how Russ and Lockett has been playing?

Sherman is a better fit to cover DK than Lockett this week.  Sherm can stand up to DK physically at the line, and has the length to contend with him for the one on one jump balls that Wilson loves to throw DK's way. 

Whereas Lockett is the smaller shifty type that can give Sherman problems.

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So damn good. Fun to watch a pro that’s undeniable.

this 49s game will be interesting. They need to be gunning. None of that conservative s---. When the hawks start that s---, it’s 3 and out over and over again.




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