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Who of these SP would you trade first? and who second? and Why?


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13 hours ago, AF25 said:
Jacob deGrom 
Chris Sale 
Luis Severino 
Mike Foltynewicz 
Noah Syndergaard 

1. Folty - he has some peripherals that might suggest regression, hard contact rate vs BABIP and a slightly above avg strand rate. 

2. Severino - I just think that park will get you, he was lights out the previous season and first half last year, but Im not 100% confident he gets it back.  I have a feeling we might look back on his run the same way we did with Ubaldo in COL that one magical season and a half. 

3. Thor - health reasons

4. Sale - health 

5. Degrom 

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In a vacuum I'd trade Sale and Thor (however trade counterparts preferences would come into play):   



1. They will theoretically command the most market value, as they are the biggest "names" of the group

2. While offering the highest ceilings, both come with injury concerns.  I'd mitigate risk here if you can capitalize on current value, especially with your other viable options aboard. 


......All 5 of those arms offer frontline projection, so injuries aside, there is no right or wrong answer here.  With a paper thin separation for each players ceiling I would simply identify the market, your trade target(s)  and then proceed accordingly.  


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