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Big Auction Keeper trade MLB & Prospects...WHIR


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12 Team H2H Mixed League - Auction Keeper
$300 Cap - 6x6 (OPS/HLD)


I won the championship the last 3 years....but always looking to improve my squad.    


Was just offered this package for Mitch Haniger ($8 re-sign up to 5 years) and Royce Lewis ($8 4 year deal...then re-sign at $12 up to 5 more)


David Dahl ($12 1 year deal - re-sign up to 5 more at $18)

Josh James ($2 re-sign up to 5 years then 5 more at $3)

Nolan Jones ($2 re-sign up to 5 years then 5 more at $3)

Yasmani Grandal ($2 re-sign up to 5 years then 5 more at $3)

Dalton Varsho ($2 re-sign up to 5 years then 5 more at $3)


Roster is below....I need a catcher and I think Grandal lights up Milwaukee.  I'm also getting a haul of prospects and James who i think is a stud.  Dahl is a bit overpriced, but if he starts off hot I can sell high on him to a needy team.  This trade would essentially set me up for the season....


Do it?



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A healthy Dahl could theoretically outproduce Haniger, though the contract isn't nearly as desirable.   The litany of injuries (spleen, rib, back, hamstring), would cause me  to sell high (as mentioned) should he get off to a hot start, but in the interim he could fill up the stat sheet nicely (or go on the DL)   


Grandal solves your catcher woes, as he should be a consensus top 10 (top 5 in the majority of circles) option following his relocation.  


James could be a "stud" if he harnesses his command a bit more, though he is likely a SP3 even if he doesn't.    Varsho could be a sneaky good asset down the line, with his blend of power/speed.  He may also obtain multi-position eligibility as he progresses through the minors.  Jones can slug to all fields at an impressive rate, and should debut sometime in 2020.  


Lewis is expendable with Turner in tow.


I'd green light this!





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This is an easy yes for me. I think Dahl could easily out perform Haniger or match him. You don't need a SS since you have Trea and this are some good prospects to build up the team and your overall value in stashing some good cheap value in the prospects.


I too think Grandal will be good to great with the new squad. 


Help me? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/739975-altuve-for-mondesi-whir/


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