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O.J. Howard 2019 Outlook

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3 hours ago, cs3 said:

So the fact that Winston locked onto Brate in the red zone and seemed to forget all about Howard means nothing? Brate had TWO touchdown catches nullified by penalty.

Or did you not watch the game, just look at the box score, and have no idea what the context of Brate's line was before posting that? This is definitely concerning for OJ owners

My league doesn't count plays nullified by penalty for some reason so Brate had 2 catches on 2 targets for 8 yards... Both penalties were offensive holding so without holding whoknows if he would have ever gotten that pass there or the TD be scored. But i didn't see it so maybe you can fill us in on how exactly the holding affected the play.

For a guy that supposedly watched the game it's funny you don't mention those penalties on his 2 "TDs" were on the same drive, so he would have had 1 TD, not two.

Howard was also targeted in the red zone 1 time. (Brate had 2 RZ targets that dont count).

Again none of this is new, Brate has been on the team all along. Week 1 should not change your opinion on Howard.


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4 minutes ago, Whitecloud0101 said:

This dude about to get straight DROPPED. What a huge disappointment thru 5 nfl quarters.


He already hit the WW in one of my leagues. Thought about picking him up, but I have Waller and to be honest...I'm not so sure Howard is a better option with Famous Jamis as his QB. 

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3 hours ago, StevieStats said:

Again none of this is new, Brate has been on the team all along. Week 1 should not change your opinion on Howard

Actually week 1 didn't change my opinion at all. I never thought he was worth anywhere close to his ADP, and week 1 just confirmed that. People drafting him that early were clearly making a mistake.




And week 2 cemented that belief! 


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I was wrong. This coaching staff doesn't know how to use this monster of a human being in the most physical sport in America. This guy should have plays made for him on every drive, instead they have him out here blocking like he's Dallas Goedert.

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2 hours ago, 77georgec said:

Well after reading these glowing reviews of his performance tonight so far, i’m glad i left Waller in. 


Ditto.  Picked him up FA on Weds after last weekends bad game.

Real shame, I was targeting OJ in the draft over Engram.

Oh well...roll Waller!

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2 minutes ago, Tenner said:

Only 16 completions for Winston. Half went to Godwin. 


But 25 pass attempts with 0 targets. Yikes. He’s going to be like TE50 after this week. 


Just zero trade value too. 

I wouldn't say zero trade value.

If rather have him than Hunter Henry.

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