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Andrew Luck 2019 Outlook

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It seems some members have some strong opinions about Luck's retirement, which is to be expected given the timing, but those opinions need to be expressed in conformance with the site guidelines.  In particular, this means no political discussion, no attacking other members, and no offensive language.  If the discussion here does not stay focused on football, then this thread will be locked for a lengthy cooling off period, and users will be subject to a suspension of posting privileges.

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4 hours ago, nonstopfan said:


Technically, a can't miss QB prospect who lived up to the hype plays more than 6 seasons in the league. I don't know about some people, but when I draft a cant miss prospect who lives up the hype of a franchise QB, I would hope to have him on my roster for 15 years.

He cant be a "cant miss" if he could not live up to the physical and mental demands of the game.

I said he lived up to the hype when he was on the field, which he did. When he was healthy, he was an elite franchise QB. The amount of hits he took limited his career. 

Was Calvin Johnson overrated as well? 

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