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Ezekiel Elliott 2019 Outlook

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Why? Because he's trying to get the money he deserves before it's too late? It's laughable to me that mediocre QBs get 30+mill a year and Zeke is getting nickel and dimed for wanting 15 mill, which is

Zeke when he finally signs  

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I'm eagerly awaiting the next Charles Robinson tweet about the sources sources source of a source of zekes saying a deal is imminent, but not close, but we should get a resolution soon, but it may or may not be done before the week 1 game.

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9 minutes ago, Wyzzil said:

I'm eagerly awaiting the next Charles Robinson tweet about the sources sources source of a source of zekes saying a deal is imminent, but not close, but we should get a resolution soon, but it may or may not be done before the week 1 game.



This whole thing is a roller coaster for sure....Much like the Bell saga last year. 

I highly doubt the 7 year deal thing but who knows....Maybe it would make some sense to try doing that kind of deal so they aren't doing this again in 4 years and having to pay even more to keep him when the market has been reset by somebody to 20 million a year or something.  I know we say that won't happen....But who'd have ever though back in Emmitt Smith's day that a RB would be making 14-15 million a year.  Emmitt was elated to get 4 million or whatever it was he got.

All these reports are silly though.  Apparently the first guy to guess right on the report with the best made up source will win a prize or something.

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"1. Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys may not be close to a deal now, but I think they’ll get there soon. Elliott’s camp had asked for $17 million per, which is what I believe the Cowboys have been referencing when they’ve said they don’t want to reset the market. Given what happened to Todd Gurley at the end of last year, I think if Dallas can nudge Elliott past Gurley on the NFL’s fiscal charts, I think it’d be hard for him to say no.

So what’s a fair deal? One agent told me he thought a three-year, $45 million extension would hit the sweet spot, giving Elliott an outside shot at another big deal down the line. Another said he’d see a four-year, $58 million deal as fair (Gurley got $57.5 million over four new years), so long as the injury guarantee beats the $45 million that Gurley got, and the full guarantee is around $25 million. And an executive from a rival team told me he’d say $14 million per with a shot to pass Gurley on incentives, and a bigger guarantee than Gurley would be what he’d shoot for. No matter how you see this, there are solutions here. We’ll see how quickly the two sides can come to one.


The length of the deal is also worth your attention. In the past, Dallas has tried to do really long deals, and they’ve succeeded at times. The accord they just reached with Jaylon Smith ties the linebacker to the team for the next seven years. Along those lines, more than one person brought this (a five-year extension) up to me as a potential area of dispute between Elliott and the Cowboys"


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2 minutes ago, bhawks489 said:

7 years is a long contract for a RB but I guess it depends on the guaranteed money. 


Not mucb time left to sign before the season starts tho...


I was thinking the same, however on the surface a 7 year deal kind of makes sense. It's actually what I'm hoping the Giants do with Saquon. You are essentially giving the RB a contract for his prime years which is basically a lifetime contract. For guys like Zeke and Saquon, why not. For others, I would not do it.

I think the thinking behind it is that if you sign him to a 3-4 year contract, what's not to say that after the 2nd or 3rd year, especially with a new CBA, you are right back in the same position again with another hold out.

I could see something where it can be 6 years with a team option for a 7th. At least, you'll know you will have Zeke for at least 5 more years before he probably holds out again for his final contract at about age 29.

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Anyone else think Cabo may not have been the best place for a guy like Zeke to be “training”? For a dude that loves to party, being in a place like that...just saying. Don’t want to overthink it, but hopefully he was able to stay away from the booze, eat healthy, and seriously work out while he was down there, and won’t come back to the Cowboys looking like fat Thor. 😂

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