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Melvin Gordon 2019 Outlook

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My map of Southern California.

It's important to note that both Gordon and Zeke are still under contract (unlike when Bell held out), so they have to play this year (or retire).  If they don't play, they will still have the same am

Melvin had a few good runs here or there but Austin Ek would have done the same if not MORE on those same runs. Austin only got 8 touches and still managed to find the end zone. austin + targets

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My personal opinion is that TB and Buffalo are the only 2 options for Gordon, other than ending his holdout.

Neither TB nor Buf are anywhere near as desirable.

This is definitely bad news, Gordon's stock is falling fast.

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34 minutes ago, The 7th Beatles said:



Classic Chargers front office move.  Six days before the seasons starts: "Now that every team has made 99% of their roster moves, you can go try to find a trade!  Look at how low your value is! Haha"

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1 minute ago, phillyfan461 said:

Hawks cleared up some cap space.  Coincidence? Maybe, but Seattle has acquired a big name RB in the past.  See Lynch, Marshawn


As a big Seahawks fan I'd love to have Gordon on our roster. Carson is injury prone 

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18 minutes ago, Bmore86 said:

Props to the team, Rivers, and the downfield weapons allowing that. Their OL still graded poorly over the last few years and is anticipated to be poor again. I read somewhere that Arians backs average 100 targets a year. I’d be good with that situation for Melvin.

I don't think Arians is adverse to throwing to his RB's and your right he has a good history with using them.  But most of the sample size is with a smart vet QB in Palmer who would dump off when he couldn't find something downfield.  Thats what smart vets do.  Honestly the best comparison I can see to this tampa team is Indy in 12. They had two very good WR's, Two decent TE's and a QB that wanted to throw downfield.  The RB's got 40 targets.

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6 minutes ago, RustyMiller said:

Nobody is going to offer more than the 10 million that the Chargers have supposedly already offered.

Once he figures that out, he'll be back with the team.


This exactly. The whole Chargers are allowing Gordon to seek a trade is a tactic by the front office. Considering Hyde just moved to Houston , and McCoy was released. It was perfect timing leaking that bit of info. Smarten up Gordon, no one is going to pay you, what you're asking for. And besides the money, his situation currently is the best a RB can ask for. You play in Los Angeles for a team that has super bowl aspirations, great QB , great Line, amazing offense and good D .  You want to leave all that and go play for the Bucs ... what... lost his mind. Him and his agent are really fouling this up .

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Classic negotiation ploy by the Chargers. There is really no way for Gordon to win. Even sitting out he will lose money like Bell did. We should be seeing him soon.

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2 hours ago, Sivaro said:

Top places for Melvin - IMO




KC Chiefs

NO Saints



There's no way the Chargers trade Melvin Gordon in division to the Chiefs. The Saints aren't going to pay another RB top dollar when their own starter is arguably just as/ more talented. Seems like the Dolphins are in rebuild mode. Tampa could happen but I'm not sure that's ideal for fantasy owners with the offensive line there. Houston grabbed Carlos Hyde and got rid of any draft capital they could use during the Tunsil trade.

Teams I could foresee trading for Melvin are the Bills or Colts. Colts because of what the Texans are doing. It'd be a statement move, prove to the team and their fans they are competing this year. Obviously Marlon Mack is there but I'm not sure the Colts love him. He was drafted before Reich arrived as a head coach and while the upside's there, a 1-2 punch from Gordon & Mack would certainly take pressure off Jacoby Brissett & the passing game & negate the loss of Andrew Luck.

Then, while the Bills just saved $8-10 million by cutting McCoy, I think they were more concerned about McCoy's talent at that price tag than the cost itself. Gordon could turn the Bills into a legitimate playoff contender with the defense they have. Obviously the Bills have Gore, Yeldon & Singletary but none of them have the same impact as Gordon.

My guess is that Gordon ultimately stays put, however. We saw how little of a market there was for Leveon Bell last September.

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I just hope he gets the ‘O’ so I can stash him on IR. I don’t care when he shows up. I’d rather him sit out a bit and be ready to go when it counts. I already made plans to be without him. His leverage is getting his season counted and walking. The downside is I doubt he’d get offered more than what the Chargers were offering. He’s an idiot honestly. Prove you can stay healthy and then go to a new team. That’s the knock on him and why he won’t get Top 3 money.

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