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I got offered Middleton and Lamb for my D'Lo

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This is really weird for me because last year Middleton was really good and there was no way I would have even thought about this


However, middleton has been slightly worst than last year this season and DLO has actually been really good and I know that because I have him


Lamb is just whatever


Middleton is trending up though, but he has not shot well overall this year


But still Im not quite sure


You have to keep in mind that that Caris Levert might come back from injury at some point this season if at all. I remember from owning DLO while Levert was healthy that DLO was more inconsistent and his playing time fluctuated more often because of the number of guards on the nets roster while Levert healthy. But Levert coming back is a big IF.


At the end of the Day, Middleton is going to be more consistent but DLO i think has more opportunity to produce on the nets team with Levert injured and he has kind of also been consistent although I am not sure even I trust that even considering how hot he has been


This is really though decision to  make at this point... I think i would take middleton and lamb


please help? 


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