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30 minutes ago, ThreadKiller said:




The NFL agrees with everyone that the missed call was terrible and officiating needs to be addressed. It's of course a no-brainer to have calls (or non calls) like that be reviewable.


Sooo, what's your point here? No one disagrees with it being a bad call and needing to be fixed.




Point being that that particular call (non-call) was the one the NFL -- and just about every NFL fan in America -- thought warranted a rules change discussion, not some random face-masking or holding call in the middle of the game. It's clear to most people that the missed PI call had a much greater impact than any other call in this game or ANY game in a long long time. Point is, this call clearly had WAY more impact on the final game result than any of the others that you previously referenced or people wouldn't still be talking about it so much, LOL. 

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The whole NFC has to replay the season. 

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If the Saints win in OT the NFL doesn't care and moves on. But the Saints actually missed going to the SB due to that single call, since they were already set up to win the correct call.

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