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Kenneth Faried 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Kinda funny when you scroll up and see how we all believed HOU wouldn’t play Faried and Capella together. Just goes to show you we don’t know crap what these coaches will do and swear our diagnosis is

Say what!? Faried starting tonight! Hitting treys and all that! And it might stick for the long haul. Only thing missing from his game is treys. If he is on your wires.. RUN! Think that win over G.S.

If not, just throw him into the Giles Pile....

1 minute ago, Dr Pickem said:

Yahoo has him as a Net still and N/A hence nets played earlier showed him locked in.Will they update his stats if he plays today with Houston :huh:

espn was nets still and now has been updated to rockets with game to play at 5. assuming you had him in, theyll make the change. 

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24 minutes ago, dorwell said:

So yahoo counted his stat line but ESPN didn't? :blink:


Does anyone know if ESPN will add the line today? 


ESPN did count it, I see why you’d be confused cause he has 0’s across the board for yesterday but looking in the summary for the week his line is there. I have 8 threes registered instead of the 7 I would have without his 1 three for example. 

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