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Blake Snell 2019 Outlook

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 worth noting (and losing sleep over) HE thinks he’ll miss one start. Not a doctor. Non Clevinger owners might not be as skeptical as us double owners.

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On 4/22/2019 at 1:44 PM, benturn22 said:

gonna risk it and start him in my weekly.


2 hours ago, BostonCajun said:

Looks like he'll start tomorrow vs KC

Steak dinner. Boom.

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14 minutes ago, urban2014 said:

What was that? 

At this point, could be a variety of things.  Tipping pitches? Cold weather/ Extra days rest/ still rusty? A plain old, bad start?  Or of course...the dreaded, toe injury affecting everything.  

Fwiw, he unequivocally said that it didn’t bother him last start.  The CBS podcast put him as a -4 of 10 on the worryometer regarding the toe.  The HR just hit the foul pole, the bullpen didn’t do him any favors and a lot of calls went against him. 

Nevertheless, every active Snell owner  probably concerned, myself included.  We likely won’t know much until next start, unless something major breaks within a few hours.

in the meantime, I’m starting if he’s good to go.  You have to start your aces.

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1 hour ago, killa3312 said:

Still a complete and total stud. I blame the two bad starts against KC on his broken toe. Hopefully he has managed to deal with it now because his stuff is so ridiculous


It's kinda crazy how quick people are to give up on pitchers compared to other players. I get they have fewer games in a season to prove themselves, and there was always going to be some negative regression for Snell, but a good pitcher is a good pitcher. Nothing about Snell last year indicated to me that he was a fluke. Yes, a sub-2.00 is almost certainly not going to happen again, but he's solidified himself as a true pitching talent. 

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17 minutes ago, BostonCajun said:

I know this is nitpicking and I love the K's he's providing but I wish he would pitch more efficiently so he could go deeper in games and get me some wins.


If wanting a QS is the basis for this post......96 pitches, 2 outs, one on in the 6th. Cameron Maybin coming up

I'd like to see someone come up with a reason to pull him without getting mocked. It can't be done. 

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