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Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

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4 hours ago, shakestreet said:

Just in case here are the Parade details. I will be going, who is coming with me? 




Those things are no fun. Just a big crowd of drunks. At least it will be nice out I guess.

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Folks, several of you have shown you haven't quite come to terms with the outcomes of Championship Weekend.  There is way too much baiting, flaming, and personal attacks in this thread for it to funct

Should have been Chiefs and Saints but we get this s--- show. Fitting for the NFL. 

Anyone know where can I find a message board that talks about Nicholas Cage movies? I’m not a fan but I wanted to make sure to spend crazy amounts of time in there telling fans how much I don’t like h

If Hightower had hands and if McCourty had a bit more luck the patriots could have two more intereceptions with premium field position (first at opp.40 and second at opp.15).


Goff was unable to read two routes which costed them a ring. He had a free TD on a blown coverage, but wasn't able to read this in time and took waaaaaay to long to deliver the pass. So long that McCourty (the CB) could make an incredible play breaking the reception and pushing Cooks out of the end zone.

The gameplan of BB was insanely easy, but insanely great. Stop the run and bully Goff so he craps his pants. Worked out perfectly.


Brady on the other side had throws where his arm looked like a soft noodle. He had a good drive with the best pass of the night (to Gronk) which ended in the game winning TD.




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22 hours ago, BMcP said:

Goff was also terrible under pressure all season - 28th in passer rating among all qualifiers.  And the Patriots applied plenty.


Key to success here was constant pressure and forcing Goff to make reads under duress: he was pressured on an amazing 43% of his dropbacks.  Wow.  Quite a testament to the Pats’ defensive schemes up front to ravage an O-line as good as the Rams that way.

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It is Tuesday, where is the pumpkin. I really would like to read what he thought. His analysis and breakdowns what happen to Jared Goff, when & how did the Patriots cheat there way to this Super Bowl. paging  @markrc99

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