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Fantasy Nascar / Salary Cap style held on Fantrax / $40 entry fee paid thru LeagueSafe


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Hey guys,


This will be the first year I will be running this league. I am very excited about it because I like the salary cap challenge. Below is a brief league bio of how the league works. There is a $40 entry fee that is paid through league safe and there is a 100% payout, I take nothing. I have been comishing now for about 8 years now and run fantasy football, baseball, and nascar leagues. I am very dedicated and to running my leagues and love competing. If you like what you read below please send me an email mjbnmr59755@gmail.com and I will send you an invite. Thanks!


Brief League Info:

The league will consist of 26 regular season races and 10 playoff races. Each race of the regular season the team that wins a race gets a win, The goal every week is to pick the best 7 driver lineup to score the most amount of points and get that win! At the end of the 26 regular season races the playoffs will be set to begin. The 12 playoff teams that make the playoffs are determined by this order of criteria; most # of race wins during the regular season and then total amount of points scored during the regular season. Similar to the real nascar playoffs, after the first 3 races of the playoffs, the bottom 3 teams get eliminated. 9 teams remain and then we go 3 more races and then the bottom 3 teams in round 2 get eliminated. 6 teams remain and then we go 3 more races and then the bottom 3 teams in round 3 get eliminated. At the end of each of those first three rounds, all remaining playoff teams are ranked by this criteria; most # of race wins during that round and then total amount of points scored held at the end of that round (Playoff Points brought into that round + Championship Points earned during that round + Playoff Points earned during that round), to determine which three are the bottom teams that are eliminated. The final round consists of 3 teams left and they compete at Homestead to determine the Need For Speed Champion!


I keep track of the Elimination Playoff Bracket on my website and try to send out updates every week.



Scoring Format:

Each Lap Completed = .10 points

Each Lap Led = .25 points

Most Laps Led = 7 points

Start – Place (Place Differential) = 1.25 points

Race Win = 15 points

Top 5 Finish = 12 points

Top 10 Finish = 9 points

Top 15 Finish = 6 points

Top 20 Finish = 3 points

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