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First and foremost, make sure you check the roster/scoring pages! No need to be joining a league without checking them anyways.

SCHEDULE: I will make your schedule, which is already done. They are located in a thread in Message Board Below. Each team will face 2 opponents each and every week EXCEPT for Week 14, that week you will only play 1 opponent. Each team will play Divisional Opponents 3 times and all other Teams 2 times. 27 Wins Possible. You will be set on bye weeks thru espns schedule. Each team will have its own thread where that teams schedule will be. Those thread will be for me to keep track of your record. I will post in them every Monday. I will also be keeping tracks of the overall records for each team, this will be done on the HOME PAGE, along with divisional record and total points.

KEEPERS: After Year 1 ( 5 keepers) After Year 2 ( 3 Keepers) After year 3 ( 1 Keeper) After year 4 we will evaluate what the hell were doing, if it takes that long!

DRAFT DATE AND TIME: Time may change but the DAY will not! We will narrow down a time once we fill the league.

STREAMING PITCHERS: We have a 7 start per week rule here, and that means 7 Starts per week! If you go over the 7 starts allowed you will be docked 75 points for every start over the 7 allowed. Come in do a little work to know who the 7 you want to start for the week and set your line up, its that easy.

PLAYOFFS: 8 teams will make the Playoffs. Match-ups will be 2 weeks in length. If a tie happens in the playoffs the Lower seed will move on to the next round.

TIE-BREAKERS: Regular Season (1) Head to Head (2) Division Record (just for the division) (3) Total Points

ACTIVITY: I check the transaction counter every week, you start to slack I will start to find a new owner.


Settings: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=87050593


Leave emails here or email me at sprint_cars_rule@hotmail.com


Thanks fellas

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