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12 Team Startup H2H Points Contract Dynasty - Minors, Int'l Players, FYPD, PODCAST! - Fantrax - $135 Buy In - 2 Spots Open

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I've been playing in a few dynasty leagues over the last few years and am commissioner of a very successful dynasty that is entering its second year. I decided I wanted to start the ultimate league, only inviting people who I knew communicated, traded and were very active. That's the selling point of this league, the owners are all...for lack of a better word...curated.

This league is full of owners who are eager to talk baseball, trade, compete, and rebuild their teams over the long haul when needed. Everyone in the league has been proven to be all of those positive things and have all come back to their respective dynasties for years in a row.

We take this seriously and are looking for two people who take it seriously as well.

Here are some of the features of the league. For more, please send me a message with your email address and I'll send you a copy of the (incredibly detailed, 13 page) charter.

  • $135 Buy-In thru LeagueSafe

  • Fantrax ($6.25 fee each)

  • OPS Based Scoring System

  • Slack communication (required)

  • 12 Teams

  • MLB Player Auction

  • 32 Man MLB Roster

  • 16 Man MiLB Roster (full 16 round draft starts right when the league fills, open add drops year round)

  • Offseason International Draft

  • Offseason First Year Player Draft

  • Arbitration System

  • MiLB Player Options

  • Trading of draft picks, auction dollars, MLB players, prospects, international draft money, etc

  • Trade away future draft picks or prospects? We require prepayment for next year first

  • Podcast!

Rather than inviting other people we know who aren't the right fit to fill the last two spots, we're turning to Reddit to fill the last two spots. But we're not just accepting anyone, we're going to want to get to know you a little bit and we'll take our time to make sure we get the right two people. Yes, this might seem like a job posting. But we're serious about making sure the last two owners are positive additions to the league. The group of owners we have so far is special and I owe it to the rest of the league (who were sold on it being only for vouched-for owners) to make sure you are as well.


  • Communicate through Slack regularly

  • Respond to DMs and emails quickly

  • Be able to demonstrate an interest in making trades

  • Respond in a timely manner to any trade inquiries, rule change votes

  • Have a many-year history of playing fantasy baseball

  • Have a basic understanding of how contract/dynasty strategy differs from redraft

  • Show a willingness to ask questions / learn

  • Be in it for the long haul. Have a bad draft? Go into rebuild mode. You should be someone that would enjoy a rebuild if needed.

If taking the effort to convince me you'd be a great addition to the league seems like overkill, this league is probably not for you.

But, if you'd like the opportunity to play in a long-term dynasty with a bunch of owners who have been hand picked because of their track record and you appreciate why I would only want to add good owners, this might be for you.

Hit me with your email address in a message and we'll get the ball rolling.

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